Chapter 3: Movement

The Three Categories of Film Movement:

I.) Camera
    -movement of the camera during production of the film

II.) Film
    -movement of the film speed, usually edited during post-production

III.) Content Within the Frame

    -movement of the images (actors, background images, etc.) within the frame, usually
    during production of the film

I.) Camera Movements w/ Clip Examples

1) Pan
-A horizontal move on a vertical axis (side to side; left to right or right to left).

    Ex: See "zoom" clip below.
2) Tilt
-A vertical move on a horizontal axis (up and down/down and up; from top to bottom or bottom to top).

    Ex: See "zoom" clip below.

3) Dolly/trucking/tracking
-A shot taken from a moving vehicle. Originally, tracks were laid on the set to permit a smoother movement of the 
    Ex: Dolly Tutorial
    Ex: The Royal Tenenbaums

4) Handheld
 -Hand-held camera or hand-held shooting is a technique in which a camera is held in the camera operator's hands 
as opposed to being mounted on a tripod or other base. 
Hand-held camera shots often result in an image that is perceptibly shakier than that of a tripod-mounted 
camera or a steadicam shot.

    Ex 1: Cloverfield

    Ex 2: Children of Men

5) Crane/Boom
shot taken from a special device called a crane. The crane carries the camera and the cinematographer and 
can move in virtually any direction.

    Ex 1: Touch of Evil

    Ex 2: The Royal Tenenbaums (begin at 4:30)

6) Aerial
-Essentially a variation of the CRANE shot, though (usually) restricted to exterior locations, usually taken from a drone 
or helicopter. 

    Ex: The Shawshank Redemption

7) Steadicam
mechanism for steadying a hand-held camera, consisting of a shock-absorbing arm to which the camera is 
attached and a harness worn by the camera operator 

    Ex: Steadicam tutorial
    Ex: GoodFellas

8) Zoom
-A camera shot that changes smoothly from a long shot to a close-up or vice versa (Do not confuse with the dolly shot; 
study both clips to notice the difference).  

II.) Film Movement w/ Examples from class

1) Slow-motion

    Ex: The Big Lebowski 

2) Fast-motion

    Ex: Donnie Darko

3) Freeze-frame

    Ex: GoodFellas