Chapter 2: Mise en Scene

Mise En Scene

  • Mise en scene- “placing/putting on the stage”- refers to the arrangement (on stage) of all the 
  • visual elements of a theatrical production within a given playing area (the stage)


  • In film- That which occurs before the lens of the camera, as opposed to the effects created by editing.  
  • Puts major emphasis on the creative use of movement and space within the shot rather than upon 
  • the relationship between shots, as does editing.


**Mise en scene is a complex analytical term, encompassing four distinct formal elements:

1)      The staging of the action

2)      The physical setting and décor

3)      The manner in which these materials are framed

4)      The manner in which they are photographed

Watch the following clips, making sure to note the directors' use of mise en scene.

The Graduate

Aspect ratio-The ratio of the frame's horizontal and vertical dimensions

Wide Screen vs. Full Screen