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English III Honors

English III Honors is a college preparatory survey course that covers the rich British Literary Tradition in a chronological manner, and supplements those readings with relevant, rigorous nonfiction selections.  Students will read, analyze, respond to, and discuss topics in literature and nonfiction as they prepare to take the PARCC and SAT. In addition to consistently working to improve the essay format, students will have the opportunity to sharpen their critical thinking, improve their vocabulary, and hone their writing skills.  All work is aligned to national Common Core reading, writing, speaking & listening, and language standards

English III Honors Course Syllabus 

               Unit Links

Why am I Here?


Nickel and Dimed

Scratch Beginnings 

Learning to Lie


Do the Right Thing

The Canterbury Tales

Apple's Letter 

Current Events

                   Reading Links

The Canon & Literary Theory
Part I (373-382)
Part II (383-390)
Part II (391-400)
                 Writing Links

The Writing Center @ UNC Chapel Hill Writing Packet (w/ Storey annotations)

Tim Urban's TEDTalk on Procrastination
The "New" SAT

English III Homework