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Welcome to the film studies page.  After three years of teaching English, I pursued an opportunity to introduce my love for films to the students at Piscataway High School.  After my curriculum proposal was approved I eagerly set out to writing the curriculum that summer.  After years of studying films as an under graduate and graduate student I was thrilled with the opportunity to pass on that knowledge and excited about the possibilities for such a unique electives class. In the fall of 2006 the class was launched.  Since then the class has run every year  and has seen more than 500 students view, discuss and unpack its films.  Due to student interest the class would go on to spawn Advanced Film Studies in the fall of 2009. 

This page is designed for current students, their parents/guardians and any other lover of movies.  Please use the resources on the page to help enrich your experience and enjoyment of the class and the films it studies.

Film studies follows the Louis Giannetti text Understanding Movies (10th Edition).  Chapter by chapter, we will learn film terms and theories, steadily applying and building upon what we learn to each of the films that we watch.

Please click on the image below to supplement your text book study, aid in note taking and prepare for tests. This website is the official “companion” website to the text:

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